Kinderkamer trends 2022

Children's room trends 2022

At the start of the new year we like to look ahead. Which nursery trends will we see in the nursery in 2022? And what trends last year are permanent?

children's room trends 2022 - rattan headboard - pink girls' room

1. Soft Shapes

What you see more and more in every interior are the so-called “soft shapes”. In other words, round and organic shapes. These round shapes play an increasingly important role in the interior and we also see this trend in the children's room. It is playful and provides a welcome contrast with the straight lines that we often see in the interior.

How can you apply this trend in the nursery? Besides the fact that there will be a number of items in the room with straight lines, such as a cupboard or bed, you can certainly add round shapes! Consider, for example, a round rug, or choose a bed with round shapes in the frame, like ours Rattan Toddler Bed Sam and Rattan Toddler Bed Oliver Teddy . You can also reflect the round shapes in the wallpaper, for example in the shape of flowers.

nursery trends 2022

2. Colors from nature

Where the children's room used to be a colorful place, nowadays you increasingly see the use of natural colors. This is one of the children's room trends for 2022.

Beautiful shades of green, terracotta colors and even the color brown can be seen in the children's room. We are fans! Because: it combines beautifully with our rattan items and also provides much more peace in the children's room. The toys automatically make them colorful enough!

By the way, did you know that Flexa has a Color of the Year exclaims? For 2022 this is “Bright Skies”. You guessed it, inspired by a color from nature, namely the sky. And the great thing about this color of the year is that it combines so well with many other shades from nature! For example, you can keep it fresh by combining it with green. If you prefer to combine it with a warm shade, you could choose the color “Positive Blush”.

children's room trends 2022 rattan

3. High cuddliness factor

This is the best children's room trend of 2022! Because who doesn't want a “soft” children's room? Bye bye industrial furniture, hello huggable fabrics. You can apply this trend by using soft sheepskins on the floor or in the chair, a woolly rug and a cuddly bedspread. Of course you can complete it by placing soft cushions, such as velvet, on the bed. Wonderful, right?

Children's room trends 2022 soft fabrics

4. Wallpaper

Do you want to make a statement? Then choose a cool wallpaper! We are big on wallpaper Boras Tapeter and May and Fay . You can easily combine this children's room trend with the aforementioned trends by choosing a wallpaper with a beautiful natural color and organic shapes.

nursery trends wallpaper

5. Print on print

And we conclude the list of nursery trends 2022 with a daring trend! Nowadays you no longer have to be afraid to combine various prints. A floral wallpaper with a botanical print duvet? Doing!

This bold print-on-print trend is best achieved by combining a coarse print with a fine print, by looking for color contrasts or by working ton-sur-ton (colors from the same color group). Have fun and don't be scared!

print on print

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