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Children's Room Trends 2021

Do you want to tackle the nursery? Do it right now and be inspired by the 5 best trends of 2021! We inspire you in the field of material choice, use of color and of course we have also included the best shopping tips in this list. Here are the nursery trends 2021:

1. Use of natural materials

This is really the children's room trend of 2021. We see so many beautiful, natural materials in children's rooms. Rattan is the most common material here. Think of lamps, mirrors, wall decorations , rattan high chairs , storage baskets or even rattan beds . We get it. Rattan combines well with just about all colours! In addition, it gives the children's room a warm touch.

The use of natural materials is also reflected in the choice made for, for example, bedding. There are so many brands that make blankets from certified cotton or, for example, merino wool. We are fans of the bedding from Garbo&Friends and the blankets from HVID Knitwear!

rattan natural materials

2. Color trends in the nursery

Matching the trend for natural materials, the trend for colors in natural shades fits. For girls you see many sand colors combined with warm terra tones. Camel brown and green are often used for the boys. All these beautiful colors can also be found in nature and that is why they fit so well with furniture and accessories made of natural materials. Do you already know the beautiful paint colors (perfectly matching this trend) from Vestingh Paint & craft? Their LAB PAINT is an ecological and sustainable paint line, developed and produced in the Netherlands.

Cokos rattan toddler bed Sam - rattan junior bed - children's room trends

Cokos rattan toddler bed Sam - rattan junior bed - children's room trends

3. Children's room trend 2021: a statement wall with a cool wallpaper

We love this trend! You can give the nursery an instant boost by using a cool wallpaper. And this certainly doesn't have to be a whole fair! For example, Pimpelmees has super beautiful wallpaper with sea animals, but by using only 2 colors, it still remains a calm whole. And these wallpapers can be wonderfully combined with the natural colors and materials of the aforementioned trends... How WONDERFUL when everything fits together so well!

nursery trends - rattan bed - toddler bed - wallpaper

Nursery trends - girls room wallpaper - rattan toddler bed

4. Unisex rooms

We notice that the boys' room certainly no longer has to be blue and the girls' room is not always pink. No, the natural colors ensure that the basis of the children's room is much more unisex these days. Brown tones form a warm base and with cool or sweet accessories and furniture you can turn it into a real girls' or boys' room.

nursery inspiration - nursery trends - unisex nursery

5. Sustainable, sustainable, sustainable!

Sustainability has never been so important. You can contribute to this in so many ways. Of course, by choosing sustainable materials, such as rattan. Did you know that rattan is now seen as a sustainable replacement for wood? This is because rattan needs little water and grows super fast. We previously wrote a blog about this beautiful material and why it is such a sustainable choice.

But in addition to choosing sustainable materials, you can also opt for second-hand items. Nothing is more sustainable than giving a piece of furniture a second life. Because: the old furniture is reused (and not thrown away) AND you do not buy a new item.

Did you know that you can also give our Rattan Toddler Bed Oliver Teddy a second life after your child has outgrown it? The bed consists of 2 lounge armchairs, so it can also be used as a chill corner!

There are many more benefits to choosing a rattan toddler bed. You can read them here .

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