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Sustainable children's room

Nowadays our daily lives are shaped by an endless stream of new, often ephemeral things. We long for the sustainable nursery and the 'good old things'. With the quality of the past, when things were still made to last a lifetime. That we can hold in our hearts and pass on with love to the next generation. A piece of family history.

Each Cokos piece of furniture is made entirely by hand and is a unique work of art in itself.

Forming the material requires extreme accuracy and pure craftsmanship. Traditional tools help to shape this natural material. But no tool can replace the experience of the craftsman required for processing rattan.

sustainable children's room rattan bed

Sustainability and Craftsmanship

Because they grow so quickly, rattan palms are categorized as one of the most sustainable materials for use in furniture production. This fast-growing climbing plant can be harvested every 5 to 7 years, so there is no need to artificially accelerate the harvest.

In addition to the many benefits that make rattan so popular in furniture making, the natural material is also a sustainable alternative to felling trees. The rattan palm only thrives in intact rainforests with enough trees to support this climbing vine. This means that rattan cultivation is directly linked to the conservation of the ecosystem, wildlife and the protection of native rainforests.

Rattan products are not only very beautiful, but also super durable. Rattan is even called the sustainable replacement for wood and because each product is made by hand, there is no mechanical production. All in all, the perfect material for the sustainable children's room.

There are many more benefits to choosing a rattan toddler bed. You can read them here .

rattan bed sustainable children's room

Pass it on...

Natural, organic, comfortable and a feast for the eyes. We develop our products with the idea that they should last from generation to generation. Our designs are therefore always timeless and unisex. For everyone, forever.

Passing on a piece of furniture is the sustainable alternative to purchasing a new piece of furniture. A family heirloom should not be missing in the sustainable children's room.

sustainable rattan

Rattan Toddler Bed Sam

The rattan toddler bed “Sam” is a beautiful handmade toddler bed with a timeless and unisex design. A real eye-catcher in your child's room! Rattan is an incredibly durable and strong material.

This is a Rattan Toddler Bed with a vintage-inspired design. This means there is room for this bed in both the boys' and girls' rooms. When the children have outgrown it, the intention is that the bed will have a new function within the family, for example as a day bed. And do you want to save it for the next generation? Then the toddler bed is easy to take apart and store without taking up too much space. Ready for the next generation…

sustainable nursery pink

Rattan Toy box and Luna bench in your sustainable children's room

The Rattan Toy Chest Luna is designed with 2 functions: spacious storage and a bench with soft cushion. And let's face it... Even if you don't have children, this storage unit is a must-have for your interior! Made with craftsmanship from rattan and webbing. The must have for the sustainable children's room.

The toy box provides sufficient storage space with its spacious dimensions. The cushion ensures that the storage box can also be used as a bench to read a book.

sustainable children's room boys' room rattan toy box

Rattan children's chair Luc

Our high rattan children's chair “Luc” is a beautiful handmade children's chair with a timeless and unisex design. A real eye-catcher at the dining table! Rattan is an incredibly durable and strong material.

The contemporary design made of rattan makes this high chair look beautiful at any dining table. Has your child grown too big for the high chair, but is still too small for a regular chair? Then the High Rattan High Chair Luc high enough to sit at the dining table. The comfortable support for the feet ensures that your child sits comfortably, but can also be used perfectly as support to climb onto the chair themselves.

Enjoy eating and doing crafts together, your child can easily reach everything thanks to the height of the chair!

durable rattan high chair

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