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The most beautiful Bohemian children's rooms

When it comes to decorating a child's room, there are many different styles to choose from. A beautiful style that is becoming increasingly popular is the bohemian style. With its relaxed and comfortable look, this is a great option for children's rooms. In this blog post we take a closer look at bohemian children's rooms and how you can create this style using rattan furniture and accessories.

  1. Rattan furniture for bohemian children's rooms
    One of the most important elements of the bohemian style is the emphasis on natural materials. Rattan is a great choice because it is durable, lightweight, and has a warm appearance. A rattan toddler bed is perfect for the bohemian children's room because it creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Combine this bed with a rattan chair or bench for extra seating.

    bohemian children's room rattan toddler bed

  2. Rattan accessories for the bohemian children's room
    To complete the bohemian atmosphere, rattan accessories are a must-have. Think of rattan baskets , wall hooks and mirrors. These accessories add texture to the room and provide a natural feel. A rattan hanging lamp is also a great way to add some extra mood lighting.

    rattan baskets bohemian children's room

  3. Rattan decoration for the bohemian children's rooms
    In addition to furniture and accessories, you can also opt for rattan decoration to enhance the bohemian atmosphere in the children's room. Consider a rattan wall decoration, such as a tapestry or wall shelf. A rattan mobile above the bed or a rattan mirror on the wall also fits perfectly in this style.

    rattan decoration bohemian children's room
  4. Combine with colors and patterns
    To complete the bohemian atmosphere, you can combine rattan furniture and accessories with other elements. Think of warm colors such as terra-cotta, ocher yellow and deep green. Different patterns, such as geometric prints and floral prints, also fit well with this style. In terms of textiles, you can think of pillows and blankets in soft fabrics, such as cotton and wool.

    bohemian nursery pink

In short, the bohemian nursery is a great option if you are looking for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for your child's room. By adding rattan furniture and accessories you can easily create this style. Don't forget to combine these elements with warm colors, patterns and soft textiles for the ultimate bohemian feeling.

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