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What is Rattan?

Rattan is a material derived from the rattan palm. It is a hardy type of liana that grows in tropical rainforests. Most rattan species are climbing plants, but there are many different types.

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What is the difference between rattan, wicker and bamboo?

There is some confusion between rattan, wicker and bamboo. That's not surprising, these materials are also very similar. But while rattan is a kind of vine that grows in tropical rainforests, wicker is an aquatic plant and in principle not suitable for making furniture.

Unlike rattan and wicker, bamboo is hollow on the inside and therefore a lot lighter. Bamboo is a type of grass. Bamboo also grows like crazy and that is why these materials are now seen as a sustainable replacement for wood. It is a strong, flexible material and is easy to shape and bend. Perfect for making furniture!

Sustainable substitute for wood

Rattan grows very quickly and requires little water. You will no longer only find this liana species in the jungle, it is now an indispensable addition to the interior! The use of natural materials immediately gives a warm appearance to your interior. It is therefore not surprising that nowadays you will find a rattan product in almost every room in the house! And… it is also incredibly sustainable. Win win!

There are many more benefits to choosing a rattan toddler bed. You can read it here!


Nowadays people choose sustainable! Then you're in the right place with rattan furniture. People often want something exclusive, something original. Our furniture is made entirely by hand and is therefore always unique!

Rattan toddler bed Sam - toddler bed for girls - girls bed - girls room

Toddler bed “Sam”

Our incredibly beautiful (unisex!) toddler bed Sam is truly a real eye-catcher in the nursery!

The toddler bed is designed for children aged 2 years and over. The minimalist design makes the toddler bed very nice in the room of boys and girls. We have chosen a warm 'honey brown' color for the “Sam” toddler bed, which looks extra warm in the nursery.

The size 140x70 cm ensures that your child has enough space in the junior bed, but at the same time it is still cozy enough so that the transition from the crib is not that big. You can use the bed until about 7 years old.

Looking for inspiration?

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