Rattan Bed

Buy Rattan Bed - Toddler Bed Sam

  • The rattan toddler bed “Sam” is a beautiful handmade rattan bed with a timeless and unisex design. A real eye-catcher in your child's room!
  • The size 140x70 cm ensures that your child has enough space in the toddler bed, but at the same time it is still cozy enough so that the transition from the crib is not that big.
  • You can use the rattan toddler bed “Sam” for children from 2 years old
  • Rattan is a durable and strong material. Made to last for generations.
  • Easy to assemble yourself
  • Furniture transport takes place once a week. This means that the delivery time is a maximum of 7 days.

Buy Rattan Bed - Toddler Bed Oliver Teddy

  • The Rattan Toddler Bed Oliver Teddy is Handmade rattan toddler bed with a timeless and unisex design.
  • Mattress size 140×70 cm (the bed is exclusive mattress supplied)
  • Frame dimensions: 80 cm high, 146 cm long, 76 cm wide
  • Can also be used as 2 lounge armchairs
  • With the supplied straps you can handle the two separate parts easily and safely
    confirm each other.
  • Designed in collaboration with interior platform Interior Junkie

Both practical and beautiful.
Durable and made with an eye for detail.

Our products are meant to be passed on from generation to generation, like an heirloom. Our designs are therefore always timeless and unisex. For everyone, forever.

A beautiful rattan bed for your child

A toddler bed, also called a junior bed, is a nice intermediate step for your child after he or she has outgrown the crib. Because the toddler bed is smaller than a single bed, it still feels safe for your child. The rattan bed has a mattress size of 140x70 cm.

A toddler bed for more security

Switching from the crib to a large bed is not only a big step for your child. It is also exciting for you as parents! Because your little one can now suddenly climb out of bed and could even fall out of bed!

That is why toddler beds also have higher sides at the head and foot end than a normal bed. This ensures that your child is "restrained" if he or she threatens to fall out of bed. The high sides also offer a feeling of security, as they experienced in the crib.

The ideal interim solution for the small children's room

The baby's room is often the smallest room in the house. But introducing a whole new room in addition to introducing a new bed may be a bit much for your little one. Then a toddler bed is exactly what you are looking for. Due to its intermediate size, the rattan bed is not only a nice place to sleep that offers your child security, it also takes up less space than a large bed.

Grow up safely

A toddler bed is a good way to help your child become more independent. Because the bed is slightly lower and smaller than a large bed, your child can easily get in and out.

Rattan Bed


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