Sustainability & Craftsmanship


Each piece of COKOS furniture is made entirely by hand and is a unique work of art in itself.

Forming the material requires extreme precision and pure craftsmanship. Traditional tools help shape this natural material. But no tool can replace the experience of the craftsman or woman necessary for working rattan.


Because they grow so quickly, rattan palms are categorized as one of the most durable materials for use in furniture production. This fast-growing vine can be harvested every 5 to 7 years, so there is no need to artificially speed up the harvest.

In addition to the many benefits that make rattan so popular in furniture making, the natural material is also a sustainable alternative to tree felling. The rattan palm only thrives in intact rainforests with enough trees to support this vine. This means that rattan cultivation is directly related to the conservation of the ecosystem, wildlife and the protection of native rainforests.

Not machine produced

Rattan products are not only very beautiful, but also super durable. Rattan is even called the sustainable replacement for wood and because each product is made by hand, there is no machine production.