Best Toddler Beds 2021 - Top 5

Toddler bed

Nowadays, almost every child takes the intermediate step of the toddler bed. And that's not surprising. It is a nice interim solution for both the child and the parents.

A toddler bed offers your child the security of a crib, because it is not as large in size as a single bed and often comes with a safety gate. You also often see that the head and foot ends are raised and extended along the sides of the bed, to prevent your little one from falling out of bed.

In addition, it is also reassuring for parents that a toddler bed is lower than a normal bed, making it easy for your son or daughter to climb out of the bed safely. So time to choose a toddler bed! We will help you with an overview of great toddler beds. Which do you think is the best junior bed of 2021?

best toddler bed

Cocos Rattan Toddler Bed Sam

As far as we are concerned, this is the winner, the best toddler bed of 2021. It rattan toddler bed “Sam” is a beautiful handmade toddler bed with a timeless and unisex design. A real eye-catcher in your child's room! Rattan is an incredibly durable and strong material. And if you choose this bed, you choose craftsmanship. The beds are made by hand in Indonesia. Because rattan is a natural product and because it is handmade, each bed is unique.

The rattan toddler bed is designed for children aged 2 years and over. The minimalist design makes the toddler bed very nice in the room of boys and girls. We have chosen a warm 'honey brown' rattan color for the “Sam” toddler bed, which looks extra warm in the nursery.

The size 140x70 cm ensures that your child has enough space in the toddler bed, but at the same time it is still cozy enough so that the transition from the crib is not that big. You can use the bed up to 6 years.

best toddler bed 2021

Ikea Minnen grow-along bed

It remains a classic, the Ikea grow-along bed. In the “toddler position” this bed is almost closed and your child cannot fall out. The fact that you can then let this bed grow with your child has several advantages. First of all, it is of course very nice for your wallet that you no longer have to buy a new bed for your son or daughter! It is also nice for your child that he or she can stay in her own bed, so that you do not have to get used to a new bed again.

Are you the type (just like me) who likes change? Then it might be better to opt for a toddler bed with a fixed size (i.e. not a grow-along bed), so you can be sure that you can buy a new item for the nursery when your son or daughter is 6 to 7 years old.

Sebra Grow-along bed

To return to the concept of a grow-along bed, there is still a “next level”. You can buy the Sebra grow-along bed as a bed! And it can grow with your child into a toddler bed and single bed. It has a beautiful Scandinavian design and is available in different colors. That is why, in our opinion, it has a good chance of winning the title of Best Toddler Bed 2021.

A bed house

Does your child like experiences? Then a bed house is a great idea! A bed house provides an intimate setting in which your little one will quickly feel safe and secure. Hang some cozy flags and a lamp string in the house and the party is complete. If you want to be even more creative, there are also beds in the shape of a gypsy wagon or a racing car. You can really go in any direction! 

rattan bed house best toddler bed 2021

Basic toddler beds

If you like simplicity, you could of course opt for the aforementioned Sam rattan bed. This is a simple design, without too many frills. But in the category “basic toddler beds” there are of course several options, such as:

  • Sniglar toddler bed from Ikea. Simple in shape and made of bare wood for a small price.
  • Simple white bed Charlie from Wehkamp's own brand.
  • Toddler bed with a drawer. Do you have a small children's room and could you use some extra storage space for, for example, bedding and/or toys? Then take a look at a toddler bed with storage drawers.

How do I style a toddler bed?

Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook page for a nice dose of inspiration! What do you think is the best toddler bed of 2021? Let us know!