Opgeruimde kinderkamer? Hier zijn onze 5 tips

Tidy nursery? Here are our 5 tips

Keeping a tidy children's room can be a challenge for many parents. But with the right tools and organizational skills, a tidy and organized nursery can be achieved. In this blog we will share five tips to keep the nursery tidy with the help of rattan storage.

    1. Use a rattan toy box
      A rattan toy chest is an excellent solution for storing toys in the children's room. It is not only a practical storage solution, but also a stylish addition to the room. A toy chest can serve as the perfect storage solution for large toy items, such as dolls, cars and blocks.

      rattan toy box

    2. Use a rattan basket for small toys
      In addition to a toy box, a rattan basket can also come in handy for organizing smaller items. Think of cuddly toys, puzzles, books and games. Using a basket can keep these items neatly organized and easy to find.

      rattan toy box - basket - boys' room - tidy children's room
    3. Use a rattan organizer for clothes or bedding
      Rattan storage is not only useful for toys, but can also be used to store clothing or bedding. This is a great solution for clothes that don't need to be hung, such as socks, underwear, pajamas and t-shirts. But you can also easily store sleeping bags, fitted sheets and blankets in our rattan toy box. Storing these items in a rattan organizer will keep the nursery neat and tidy.

      rattan storage bench - tidy children's room
    4. Use a rattan basket with a lid for dirty laundry
      A rattan basket with a lid can also be used as a solution for dirty laundry in the nursery. This keeps the room organized and ensures that dirty clothes aren't lying around everywhere. A basket with a lid can also serve as a visually appealing addition to the room.

      rattan basket
    5. Organize the toys by "kind"
      This really works well for our children! We have several crates in the cupboard (the nice colored ones from... Hema ). Each crate has its own function. A crate for the cars, a crate for the craft supplies, one for the Paw Patrol items and a crate for the Playmobil.

      This makes it very clear for the children. Of course to find the things they need, but also during tidying up it is immediately clear what needs to be put back where. And this way you immediately ensure a tidy children's room.

All the above tips are of course of no use if your child does not clean up after themselves ;-). Try to teach your child to put something away first before pulling the next toy out of the cupboard. Of course, that doesn't guarantee a tidy nursery, but every little bit helps!


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