Dit zijn de leukste Rotan Jongenskamers!

These are the nicest Rattan Boys Rooms!

The nicest rattan boys' rooms from Instagram and Pinterest! Here are our top 5.

1. Stripes!

Do you not want a "theme", but a timeless option? A room that is fun when they are 3, but also when they are 16? Then go for a cool paneling made of stripes of wallpaper! By keeping the color choice neutral, you can add any theme with bedding and wall decoration, depending on the phase your child is in at that moment. As far as we are concerned, it is rightly number 1 in the list of the nicest rattan boys' rooms!

rattan bed house - nicest boys' rooms

2. Vintage boy's room

How cool it is! The Vintage Boys' Room. And perfectly combined with the dark blue wall and cool accessories. We are fans!

nicest rattan boys' rooms

3. Statement wallpaper

Rattan boys' rooms only become really fun when there is a statement wallpaper on the wall. How cool is this print with sea animals for the nicest boys' room? The XXL print makes the room look more spacious and by using only 2 colors you keep it calm.

boys room wallpaper

4. Bright boys' room

Light and fresh with a Scandinavian touch. The perfect basis for a timeless rattan boys' room that will not get boring quickly. We are fans!

nicest boys' rooms

5. Boys room with space theme

Take a dark blue wallpaper with stars, planets and a fantasy world. Add a rattan toddler bed with the stars and the moon and voila: a rattan boys' room with a space theme, without it becoming cliché!

boys room space theme
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