Een kijkje achter de schermen bij Peuterbed Sam

A look behind the scenes at Toddler Bed Sam

Toddler bed Sam

Wow, we have been developing our toddler bed Sam for a while now and it's going to be so cool!!! I think it would be fun to take you through the process.

The idea

I don't have to make a fuss about it: rattan is super hot!!! And I am also a huge fan of this beautiful, sustainable material. I think the great thing about it is that it is really suitable for any room in your house. We literally have a rattan lamp in every bedroom, there are various rattan baskets in our house, rattan plant stands, rattan mirrors, wall hooks and so on.

I would also really like to purchase a rattan toddler bed for my eldest son Sam. Just like I wanted a rattan crib for him. Sam was born in 2017, so my search for the rattan crib goes back to 2016. Back then you could only buy vintage rattan cribs and I didn't dare, afraid that it did not meet the safety regulations.

In 2019 it turned out that Sam would have a little brother. And even though he still slept very well in his crib, we wanted him to be well accustomed to a new bed before the baby was born. So at 2.5 years old, Sam moved to a toddler bed. I really wanted a toddler bed, because I thought it was still too small for a single bed. This really is the perfect intermediate step and I haven't regretted it for a second. Only here too I had my sights set on a rattan toddler bed. You guessed it. Not found.

I had found some suppliers of rattan beds in Europe, but I thought they were very expensive! Of course it is understandable that these beautiful handmade beds cannot be compared in price to an Ikea one. But there is still a lot in between.

There is now a very small range of rattan toddler beds in the Netherlands. So we are going in the right direction! Only…. Really designed for the girls' room. And that's a shame, because rattan also works very well in a boys' room! That is why the focus for Sam's toddler bed was on designing a unisex toddler bed.

behind the scenes look at rattan toddler bed sam

The search for a supplier

From Vietnam to China to Indonesia. We have been in contact with many suppliers. One is better than the other and one is very short and the other a bit longer. In the end, 1 supplier really stood head and shoulders above the rest. Because we do business remotely, I find communication and reliability extremely important. They really gave me a very good feeling by responding quickly, sending videos of the workshop, of the packaging materials and coming up with a digital sketch very early in the stage. They employ designers who help you achieve the perfect design and special craftsmen who only work on samples and can therefore think along very well and provide tips and possible adjustments during the process.

Making the first sample

We have now reached the stage where the sample is almost finished. They have started making the frame. On the advice of the workshop, we have made 2 adjustments that make the frame sturdier and even more beautiful! The sides have a beautiful pattern, but the sleek base makes it an incredibly beautiful unisex bed. When the sample is finished, it is sent to the Netherlands for approval. We can't wait!!!!

Start production

I still think production is a bit of a bad word for a process in which 100% manual work is done, but when we approve the sample, they start “production” in Indonesia. We can in the spring of 2021 all toddler beds expect in the Netherlands!


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